17 December 2004

The 2004 Bad Science Awards

I guess I picked a good day to start blogging. In The Guardian, Ben Goldacre presents the Bad Science Awards, ranging from silly to, well, just read it:
Bad Science product of the year... Durex Performa were in a slightly different category of bad, meaning "evil": a new condom with a special cream in the teat "to help control climax and prolong sexual excitement for longer lasting lovemaking". The magic ingredient was benzocaine, a local anaesthetic, which made the judges' tongues go numb. We didn't even think about trying it on our genitals.
(Via /.)

duuuude, you've got a blog!

congrats! I guess this takes you out of the laziest person in the bay area competition.
That wasn't so hard now, was it. Nice start, too.

Don't be so hasty on pulling that nomination there, John. We have to see if he actually posts here.
Congratulations on joining the club! Now explain to me why my tongue just went numb.
Yeah, those condoms are great. You smear the bezocaine over your girlfriend's asshole before you pound it. Keeps the grunting/hissing down to a dull roar.

Blog-o-licious. Welcome to the life-sucking world of thinking of things as 'postable' or 'unpostable'.

Good to see you on Wed. Looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for the greetings, y'all. And you're right, mrgumby... knowing me, I'll get blogger's block and still be a shoe-in for laziest person in the bay area.
No, I don't think you'll get blogger's block. You're already rolling and you may already be hooked. Good start.

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