19 December 2004

Bush Wins "Person of the Year"... Again!

Just like Stalin! And, hey, Hitler was Man of the Year in 1938 and Ayatollah Khomeni in '79, so maybe Bush does deserve it.
Stalin, 1940 Bush, 2000
Stalin, 1942 Bush, 2004
Actually, it's supposed to merely be for the most influential person of the year, and I suppose I could agree Bush deserves that - what other "Person of the Year" has exhibited such skill at destroying his own country and destabilizing the world? (Yes, yes, Hitler and Stalin, but aren't you just a little tired of the "well, he's not as bad as [insert villain here]" defense?) Of course, the problem is that they usually turn the issue into a hagiography. For instance, whose ass did they pull this wording from (emphasis added):
For sticking to his guns (literally and figuratively)
Uhm, yeah... Yeah, of course I remember Dubya hunkered down in his foxhole shouting "bring 'em on" to all those terrah-ists as he shot 'em dead with his own SAW!

If that doesn't leave you depressed enough, check out their article about blogs: they give InstaIgnorance 'credit' for keeping the Swift Boat Veterans for Against the Truth lies alive. I just hope I never run into one of these people who writes articles about blogs; the tone is always so patronizing I can't help but picture them grabbing a fistful of cheek and babbling "oh, da cute little blogger."


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