22 December 2004

Mangled Thoughts, Indeed

For anyone who hasn't been following along, in between stalking John Lott and defending the Lancet's Iraq study from warbloggers who didn't even read it, Tim Lambert has been having a lot of fun smacking down resident troll Lavosier Group fellow Louis Hissink's dumb arguments against global warming. Now, there are a lot of dumb arguments out there, especially from astroturf operations like Tech Central Station and, uh, the Lavosier Group, but Louis takes it to a whole new level. Claims that temperature is not a physical quantity or that there is no such thing as an average temperature are too modest for him. So, first he disproved the existence of seasons and day-night temperature variations. But that wasn't enough. No, now Louis informs us that stars and planets are invisible without a telescope:
the Holy See seemed to need to recalibrate the calendar, and in Medieval times, no one was observing the heavens for the simple fact that telescopes had not yet been invented.
And that's just the beginning. What does that have to do with global warming anyway? Well, Hissink is a true believer in Velikovsky's Biblical astronomy and claims it disproves global warming. Lambert pretty well covers the rest, but there's some he missed, probably because it's just too stupid to even bother with. Hissink claims that "the Sun stopped in the midday," but denies that this means the Earth stopped rotating. Is Louis a geocentrist? I wouldn't put it past him. For a prize of the total value of everything Louis has ever written (or nothing, whichever is more), see if you can spot the disconnect... Louis:
the Biblical authors noted... that the Sun stopped in the midday.
vs. Louis:
The problem is that records are somewhat sparse for this period [prior to the renaissance], so it very difficult to work out precisely what was going on.
[UPDATE(12/23): In comments, Tim Lambert (holy crap!) points out that Louis actually has used the "temperature isn't a physical quatity" claim. See comments on this post (search for "Hissink").]


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