17 December 2004

Missile Defense and Patriot Missiles

With the latest in a long line of failures of the missile defense program, the Gulf War (I) myth that wouldn't die has reared its ugly head again. That's right - the claim that Patriot missiles intercepted SCUDs is still being used to hype missile defense, over a decade after MIT physicist Ted Postol sank that then-pro-SDI argument. Unfortunately, the Patriot missiles were better at shooting down friendly aircraft and attracting anti-SAM missiles. But that doesn't matter - it's an excuse to give money to defense contractors. Star Wars, brilliant pebbles, antimatter bombs, the CIA's 'remote viewing' experiments... It doesn't matter how stupid it is; if it can line their pockets, it will get done funded.

[Update (12/18): slightly re-worded.]

Or, if not done, it will at least get funded. And THAT'S what it's all about, isn't it?

Anybody remember Dear Leader saying he wanted the missile defense system to be "proven" one way or the other by the end of 2004? (No?) He's got a couple weeks left, and it doesn't look promising. But rather than admit defeat, naturally he's budgeting more money to throw at it in '05.

But we can't afford to fund health care or education or even phone calls home for wounded soldiers from Walter Reed. What time does the revolution begin?
Didn't it already happen and we're 'counter-revolutionaries' or something?

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