18 December 2004

Say, how are things going in Afghanistan?

Not too good, apparently. I thought we at least had Kabul under control, but alas:
Afghan troops have stormed the main jail in the capital, Kabul, after an escape bid by inmates escalated into a day-long siege that left several dead.
Well, a prison break is no big deal, right?
Witnesses said soldiers fired rocket-propelled grenades as they entered to retake control of the prison.
The... inmates held out for several hours, taking pot shots at the 200 police and armed militia who had surrounded the compound.
Oh. Maybe they still managed to end it without too much bloodshed.
At least nine people were killed during the day's violence.
{sigh} Oddly, this might actually be of interest to the freepers, since at least one (the wording is ambiguous) of their heroes is/are locked up in that prison:
Among Pul-e-Charki prisoners currently is the American vigilante Jonathan Idema, who was jailed with two other Americans for up to 10 years for torturing Afghans and running their own private prison.


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