18 December 2004

"You're hypocrites! All of you!"

Via TalkLeft is an all-too-common example of fundamentalists peddling the Bible "like giving out laundry detergent and America Online." This normally wouldn't even be worth mentioning, but an aside about the reaction from the local Jewish community caught my attention:
From Temple Shalom's perspective, there is a more disturbing consideration: respect for that which is holy. For many Jews, putting Bibles in plastic sacks and then throwing them on the ground is desecrating God's word. "We don't even put our Bibles on the floor," [Temple Shalom administrator Marty] Simon noted. "If a car runs over it, or it falls into the gutter, that's desecration; it's the name of God."
I think that's an interesting point, and one I hadn't thought of before. In fact, if anything Mr. Simon understates the issue. I was raised Jewish and can remember from Synagague that even dropping a prayer book was considered disrespectful - if you dropped it you had to (go ahead and laugh, goyim) kiss it when you picked it up. And that was just the prayer book - the Torah isn't even removed from its ark except for services. Funny how the Bible is treated with more respect by Jews than the fundamentalists pushing it on them. (Obscure Rowan Atkinson joke: "Christians? Do we have any Christians here? Ah, yes, I'm sorry: the Jews were right.")
And one other random thought: if it's 'God's word' and 'infallible', what's with the local versions?
thanks to the International Bible Society, Colorado Springs now has its own customized Bible.
They even have the Bay Area on their target list:
Colorado Springs is merely the first city where the International Bible Society plans to distribute the New Testament inside daily newspapers. Jackson said the group is currently in discussions with the Denver Post to distribute a Denver version; Seattle, Nashville and Santa Rosa, Calif. are also high priorities.
I have to wonder what changes/additions they'll make to the Seattle one. The lyrics to "Jesus Christ Pose"?


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