23 September 2005

I'm baaaaaaack!

Unfortunately, my brain is lagging behind a bit. So until I get the gears turning again (physics this afternoon will probably give me a swift kickstart), I got nothin'. Well, not quite... I noticed that Generik recently put together a few playlists appropriate for BushCo, forcing me to buy more music on iTunes. (Love the Talking Heads version, BTW.) But there's just a tiny omission (from both the post and comments): Bad Religion. So, here goes (I'm leaving out The Empire Strikes First, since I'd think songs specifically about Bush are cheating)...

Bad Religion version:
1. Bad Religion
2. White Trash (2nd Generation)
3. Voice of God Is Government
4. Part III
5. Flat Earth Society
6. Operation Rescue
7. Heaven Is Falling
8. Atomic Garden
9. Fertile Crescent
10. The State of the End of the Millenium Address

See, this is why you need me around.

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