26 September 2005

Tell Me, Who's The Real Patriot?

This post should be entirely redundant, but I figure if even Buck Batard has been out of the loop on this, it can't be said enough: Smedley Butler was the Greatest. American. Patriot. EVER! Twice earned the Medal of Honor; vocal leftist opponent of fascism, war profiteering, and military adventurism; retired rather than play nice with Moussolini; almost single-handedly stopped the Whitehouse Putsch; wrote the book War Is A Racket. He was indeed one of the people with the guts to work for some real change. Of course, the Fighting Quaker must be spinning in his grave now, considering what the modern Republican Party is (he ran for Congress as a Republican) and the fact that the military base named after him is overseas. I swear, if General Butler were alive today, he'd be getting arrested right alongside Cindy Sheehan (also via Buck at Bad Attitudes).

[UPDATE (20:55): changed Whitehouse Putsch link to a more thorough synopsis. More on that here and here.]

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