07 October 2005

God told me to...

... skin you alive invade Iraq. So now Nabil Shaath, the Palestinian official who reported Bush's "God told me to invade" remark, is saying it wasn't literal. (Why change the story now? Good question. Maybe if I ever finish reading this CRS report I'll have an answer.) Well, whoop-dee-freaking-doo. Neither "God told him," nor "God guided him," are at all functionally different from insanity. If someone isn't making descisions on their own and is instead relying on amorphous impulses they think are coming from somewhere else - doesn't matter if it's "God," "Cthulhu," or the chip they think the CIA put in their brain - they're insane. Forget fiscal sanity - can we get some just plain, ordinary sanity in out government?

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