17 October 2005


With everything going wrong in the world (see: Bush, Iraq, Pakistan quake, Cheney, Katrina, typhoons, Rumsfeld, &c.), it's nice to get some good news every once in a while. Which is why it pleases me to no end to see that Jack Thompson got totally pwn3d by his own publicity-grubbing stunt. For those not following along with this tempest-in-a-teapot (albeit a very entertaining one), here's the short version:

1. Who is Jack Thompson? Tim Buckley of CTRL+ALT+DEL really says all you need to know when he calls Thompson "a bible-whipped attention whore with one foot in the nursing home." If you really must know more, he's a lawyer (the kind who gives bad lawyers a bad name) who blames all violence on video games. His bullying, lying, demagoguery, and baseless legal threats are so extreme that the anti-game crusaders at the National Institute on Media and the Family have demanded he stop implying they agree with him. If you're wondering who Senators are listening to when they demagogue on video games, this is him, the guy who went after The Sims 2.

2. So Jack writes a suggestion for a very violent video game where he goes on a murderous rampage against video game companies and their executives' families, along with a promise that he would donate $10,000 to the charity of Take-Two CEO Paul Eibeler's choice if anyone actually makes the game.

3. Gabe at Penny Arcade has some fun e-mailing Jack about this. However, he made the mistake of including his phone number at the bottom, resulting in this:
4. Lots of gamers quickly make mods, flash games, and text adventures to fit Jack's violent fantasies. See: Defamation of Character: A Jack Thompson Murder Simulator (GTA: San Andreas mod), Zork Thompson V1.0 (flash-based text adventure parody of Jack's fantasies), and A Modest Video Game Proposal (HTML-based text adventure of the same name as Jack's screed).

5. Just as Tycho predicted, Jack claims the games are insufficient, then cries "satire" and backs out of his promise to donate to charity.

6. The best part: Gabe and Tycho donate $10,000 to the Entertainment Software Association Foundation... in Jack Thompson's name!

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