11 October 2005

Shorter Ted Stevens

Setting rules would prevent us from scapegoating soldiers, and we need to torture (suspected) terrorists 'cause they play dirty... not that we're torturing anyone or would even consider it, of course.

Bonus Whaaaa..? moment:
I have some memory from World War II in China when I witnessed some of our people--I was just a pilot, but I was conveying some of these people from place to place who had been tortured, and I can tell you they were brutally treated by the Chinese when we were taking these people from place to place and they had prisoners. Some of them were not Chinese. They were prisoners obviously of Japan. We had freed some of them, and they were--I have memory that those who were freed were still the responsibility of the United States.
Can anyone tell me WTF this is doing in the middle of Stevens' rambling? It seems to make even less sense and be even less relevant in context. (It's about 2/3 of the way down page S11064, if you're interested.)

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