07 November 2005

Yes On Measure A

Nobody outside San Mateo county is going to care about this, but what the hell. If you happen to live here, vote yes on Measure A. Measure A is a bond measure to pay for continuing improvements of the San Mateo community colleges (College of San Mateo, Cañada College, and Skyline College) in the form of construction and renovation - exactly the sort of investment bond measures are supposed to pay for. A lot of buildings at the community colleges, especially the labs and libraries, are sorely in need of expansion and improvement. Plus, the curriculum has expanded quite a bit over the past decade or so, especially in regards to biotech and, more recently, forensics. And it's a bargain, too: $468 million in bonds translates into (according to the "tax rate statement" from the voters' guide) about $12 per $100,000 of property value in property taxes. Of course, if this doesn't convince you, maybe you can vote yes on Measure A just to spite Libertarian Party nutcase Jack Hickey and his shameless (not to mention irrelevant) exploitation of Katrina in his argument against Measure A. Or, if you prefer, to spite his chutzpa (and that of "taxpayer" Bill Henderson) at claiming it will destroy the private sector when Art Levinson (CEO, Genentech) has signed on in support. One final note: props to my state Assembly representative, Gene Mullin, and Senator, Jackie Speier, for supporting Measure A.

I'm not dead yet

I feel fine, I feel happyyyyyyy! I just wish I could say the same about my internet connection, which has been deader than W's approval rating for the past <checks watch> six days, and will be touch-and-go until at least Wednesday. Which is just perfect, since the Token Reader will be in Washington (the state where beastiality is legal, not the city to go to for tuleremia) from Thursday through Sunday. At least I got a chance to find out just how productive I can be when I can't even read blogs, let alone blog myself. Speaking of which, I'll take this opportunity to plug Slackware Linux, the first distro I've found that will install with my SATA RAID array (I installed it this past weekend). The fact that it's very UNIX-like and is named after the highest sacrament of the Church of Subgenius are just nice bonuses.