07 November 2005

I'm not dead yet

I feel fine, I feel happyyyyyyy! I just wish I could say the same about my internet connection, which has been deader than W's approval rating for the past <checks watch> six days, and will be touch-and-go until at least Wednesday. Which is just perfect, since the Token Reader will be in Washington (the state where beastiality is legal, not the city to go to for tuleremia) from Thursday through Sunday. At least I got a chance to find out just how productive I can be when I can't even read blogs, let alone blog myself. Speaking of which, I'll take this opportunity to plug Slackware Linux, the first distro I've found that will install with my SATA RAID array (I installed it this past weekend). The fact that it's very UNIX-like and is named after the highest sacrament of the Church of Subgenius are just nice bonuses.

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