23 December 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

I finally, finally, FINALLY got my internet connection working. Why'd it take so long? You try running ethernet cable through leaking walls in a storm. (Ironically, the problem leaks came from the holes drilled for the cable I use to connect.) So I'm back... again. Just in time to let everyone know I won't be able to make it to the next BARBARian Bash, or any others for a while -- it's kind of a long commute to Oakland from Washington.
That's right, my other reason for singing the Ren & Stimpy song is that your Token Reader somehow convinced a college to accept him (how? search me). So as of January 7th, The Token Reader will no longer be a Bay Area blog, at least geographically. I say "geographically" because no matter where I live, the Bay Area will always be my home, and "The City" will always be San Francisco, you bastards.
With those administrative notes out of the way, let me just wish you all a Merry Fucking Christmas, a (C)Happy (C)Hannukkah, a belated Spaced-out Solstice, an Orgasmic Saturnalia, a Groovy Kwanzaa, a Drunken New Year, and above all else, a Disappointing Festivus.

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