26 December 2005

How do you say "whitewash" in Russian?

Just a small reminder that "who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes," is not a uniquely American way of adding insult to injury: 'No mistakes', Beslan report says

In case you don't remember, here's the short version:
  1. Chechen terrorists take a bunch of children hostage.
  2. Russian military decides killing terrorists is more important than rescuing hostages.
  3. Russian military pumps chemical weapons (probably fentanyl) into the school, enough to incapacitate any adults in there, which is also obviously enough to kill (by respiratory failure) most of the children. Hundreds die at the hands of their supposed rescuers. Many probably could have been saved using Narcan if doctors knew about the fentanyl, but the military, to cover their asses, wouldn't say what they used.
  4. Paliamentary inquiry charitably finds that the military was incompetent.
  5. Russian authorities investigate themselves, unsurprisingly find that nothing went wrong. (Why am I reminded of China Miéville's post on Hurricane Katrina, "Everything has gone according to plan"?)

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