12 January 2006

I survived the Oregon Trail!

And that's about the best I can say. All I'm gonna tell you is that I will NEVER complain about the roads or the weather anywhere in California ever again. That and I have a small vocabulary lesson for y'all:
White-knuckle driving: n. 1. Extreme, potentially fatal driving conditions with no opportunities to pull over and stop. 2. Driving I-5 through Oregon at night in rain so hard you want to crank the windshield wipers up to 11, near-freezing temperatures, and winding mountains with potholes bigger than wheels (no joke) and three-trailer trucks to dodge. (See 1)
On the plus side, gas in Oregon was only around $2.20 a gallon and full-serve is required by law there. Plus, I think I got some nice pictures from along the Columbia River. As long as I didn't screw them up too bad (I'm still getting used to my new SLR) I'll post some once I get them developed.

Oh, yeah, one other thing. There really ought to be a law of nature preventing hangovers without the requisite intoxication, but apparently there isn't. I woke up yesterday with what may have been my worst hangover ever, and I hadn't had a drop of alcohol (or a toke of pot, or anything else) for two days. It seems a 12-hour drive from San Francisco to Portland will do that. Fair warning for anyone thinking about repeating my stupidity.

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