23 May 2006

Glad I didn't promise anything...

What can I say? Real life got in the way of blogging. I should be able to get back into things for most of the summer, though, once I settle back down in the Bay Area. In the meantime, here are some pictures from my deliberately extended drive back from Walla2.

How thoughtful of CalTrans to let us know

Squaw "Creek" Falls, near Sisters, OR

The view from the top, sitting right next to the falls

The Metolius River, and why I love having an SLR

No, you aren't overlooking the stream those falls are from -- they come straight out of the hillside

For those who know me, and therefore would never believe it, here's proof that I started my hike at 7AM

Update (5/28): Flikr images were broken. Now they're fixed... I hope.